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community as they showed in their support of danny to begin with. now the support continues. i'm glad we get a chance to help support those that supported us, you know, and give back to the hospitals and the red cross and help with the support. anybody that's in the out there come out and give some blood. >> reporter: we should mention, the emergency from the american red cross they need several units. that's why people are lined up to do the same, not only to celebrate daniel but to celebrate others. >> it's a part of something that goes on. for those of us that are able to, giving blood is a great idea. danny did need that. without programs like that, obviously, he would not be here today. >> reporter: this is your first time coming inside the cafeteria. what's the feeling? >> it's still a very eerie feeling. it is the first time i've been here. eerie is the only way to describe it. but, you know, we're here. i put any of my feelings aside to help support those to help keep him alive. i'm sure danny feels the same and he wants to help support f we can -- support. if we can give back, that'
medical association says crafting produces a drop in heart rate and blood pressure which would mean danny is probably the most relaxed guy around here. >> we are about to join him. danny is the author of a new book called "upcycling celebration." how many books do you have? >> that's number ten. >> fancy, danny. >> all right. what are we making? >> so, all of these upcycling sessions we've been doing, who knew the whole time i've been reducing your blood pressure. bringing zen to 30 rock. >> some sort of reaction. what are we doing today, danny boy? >> so it is halloween. you know, it is a nof it craft. if you are new to crafting, what the study found it lowers your blood pressure because it is a distraction, takes you away from what's going on in the world, focus on some things, you start with wine bottles. >> i like it so far. >> just use spray paint or craft paste. you just do a little one, two three. >> wow. >> i feel so calm. >> that's right. >> oh, no. look at the eye. now i'm feeling anxiety. >> crying. crying. let's move on. what's next? >> even the bottle's sad to be here. so sew
, a couple more people we want to bring up on the stage. writer and activist danny bland and also kelly canary who is, who's an attorney and worked with the innocence project. can we get them to come on up? [applause] how did you guys get involved in this whole thing? >> um, you know, what's the rules on cussing for this? >> i think it's -- i think damien's heard some swears before. >> i think it's encouraged. >> yes. >> really we were, actually, living in the same house, and we had, they used to have on hbo they used to have free weekends. so if it wasn't for a free weekend on hbo, we never would have seen the movie. [laughter] >> it's true. >> and i think like everybody else in this room, we saw the movies and were outraged, but also at the same time because it was made into a movie, sort of we thought that someone was taking care of it, so we sort of relaxed. but, you know, later on did some research online and figured out, you know, that they were still in prison, that nothing was being done, and, you know, that's when we decided it was time to do something. >> and then, kelly, i'm
named danny living in a psychiatric facility, where danny befriends bradley cooper's character, pat, who tells danny about a special woman in his life. take a look. >> what did he say? >> you were helping each other out, you were nice and you -- you had a mouth on you, but -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> a little mouthy. >> no, please, tell me more about what he said in the letter. >> anything you want to know, i will tell you in the letter, nothing, it was a very cool letter. >> cool. >> she's fine. >> she is my friend with an f. >> a capital f. >> you slipped your humor in there. >> nice to have you. and by the way, we appreciate all the grooming you did for us today. >> thank you. thank you. >> no one smells better in this studio than chris today. >> smells fine. >> tell us about your character in this. you are -- we said a little bit about it in a psychiatric hospital with bradley cooper's character. >> come on. a few weeks in there, >> i think we all crazy. no, it's a fun character, real fun character. you know, i play a character named danny and he is -- he meets bradley cooper's charac
22, danny campbell with the sheet metal workers and the operating engineers -- who am i missing? ramone hernandez right behind me. i should have looked back. [applause] and additionally
danny going down the street, the hills. he's riding over the trolly tracks, but he does some really cool stuff also. >> whoa! >> he flies over some of these hills. >> he makes it look easy but i've walked on these and it's not. >> and they comparing danny's amazing skills to the skills of their products. >>> this is really cool. way to go, danny. way to go remmington for picking such an awesome city. >> right. >>> that's it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
for a potential ground assault and defend the israeli people from attacks. danny danon, the israeli legislation. mr. danny, good morning. thank you very much for being here. there has, of course, a long-standing dispute -- >> good morning, randi. >> this most recent spate of violence started after gaza officials say an israeli military helicopter shot a 13-year-old boy in the head leading to recurring rocket attacks as retailiation. is israel sort of taking any responsibility for the start of this recent wave of attacks? >> randi, let's speak about the fact. the fact is that today there is no jewish settlement and we see hundreds of missiles flying from gaza inisrael. why are they still coming from iran? you cannot blame any incident on that. foun nr unfortunately, we hear the leaders of hamas say it very clearly. the same leadership that condemned the u.s. for assassination of osama bin laden, we cannot allow the situation that israelis cannot believe in israel and under the threat of missiles. we are very determined to take care of this problem and we'll do whatever is necessary to get rid of
that want to represent maine. they are independent danny dalton, senator cynthia dill, independent transport and finally steve woods it is also an independent. this debate is a partnership between aarp and the university of southern maine. i want to give you a quick word about the format tonight. a diverse mix of several different sources, including our editorial board as well as viewers. we want this debate to be truly interactive. we want to hear from you. paul is standing by moderating our facebook and twitter. >> we have good questions. this is a good chance to ask the candidates anything you want. you can go onto our website and take part in our discussion and we will ask the best questions during the next hour. the candidates will have one minute to ask the questions. with so many candidates, the coin toss is simply out of the question so we will be going in alphabetical order and starting with an opening statement from each candidate and we will begin with danny dalton. >> you're not going to get a lot of details from this because questions are so short, but i urge you to go to everyo
.s. senate seat in the state of maine. cythina dill faces charles summers. danny dalton, angus king, and tim woods also participated. >> good evening, i am jennifer brooks. your vote 2012, u.s. senate debate. we are live from the gracie dierker and i am joined by susan sharon and aj higgins. the questions come from the staff and members of the public. we want to thank everyone who submitted questions. many here tonight are hybrids of several questions that came from you. we have six candidates in just an hour, so let's get started. here are the candidates who have qualified. danny dalton, and independent. he has served in the military as a dea agent and security consultant. cythina dill is currently a state senator and a lawyer with a background in civil rights. and andrew ian dodge, and independent. he is a freelance writer who has served as a coordinator for the tea party patriots. angus king of brunswick. he is a lecturer at the logo in college. also, charles summers. he has served in the maine senate and regional head of the u.s. small business administration. and steve woods. he is ceo
, perhaps it is richard the third, with danny is the ruthless richard brecht and finally on the field of buzzwords by henry paulson plan henry the seventh. or thinking of then fannie ceo is presented in the book, pathetically presenting financial plans to a treasury department, which had already decided to bond and was indeed scheduling his feet. is it the great pathos full and the scene from richard the second, handing over the crown to henry the fourth save by james lockhart. maybe. but i think the best shakespearean autoload is julius caesar with the dictator or mortgage finance cut down in the capital, henry paulson this time playing vertis. but i'm thinking especially of the great seeing for mark antonystands over and addresses the murder audience sees her. this time we have mark antony played by bob hagerty. standing over in addressing the following cne, decile by so low. well, that is enough indulging myself with your indulgence. we are about to hear from the author of this excellent book. after bob's presentation will have comments or 10 minute each from our discussion, whom i
.. before the holidays.danny lee frrm golds gym ii back takiig your calls for get fit ith fox.ii you ave a questions ccll us at 410-481-44-455ou our facebook or twiiter page. before we get to callls.. he's got more tips on trimming your tummy.-how many times a week should we workout to see week shhuld we -how many times should we workout to see results? kimberly- bmore bmore3 jeanna- "what type of diet and excercise would you recommend for someone who bbu also be healthy?" 3 3 also be healthy?" 3 save money today... without feeling he pinch. you're watching fox 45 good day baat 3 3 3 3 3& shawna ap 3 3 assweehead into election romney virtually deadlocked. deadlocked.right now... all eyes are on the swing ssates. tom rodgers is hhre with lattst numbers... along with your other top stories. good morring guys,winning the white house... means inning an eye on. on.according the "real-clear" politics average of polls... the closest appears to be virginia wheee we lines polling average shows w the - president obama leading by point.florida... shows governor roonny with... a point and a ha
with danny vargas and the washington post's ann kornbluth. the man everyone talks about when you refer to polls, nate silver of the new york fimz 538 blog. he predicts president obama has a 91% chance of winning re-election. the president will win 313 electoral college votes, governor romney will win 225. >> it's not a coin toss at that point. it's close, but you'd have to have a case where the polls are off across the board. it could happen, but if anything, the race has broken toward president obama a bit in the last 48 hours. >> that, by the way, was nate on last night on colbert. here's something funny making the rounds. lo look at this on social media. it reads keep calm and trust nate silver. join the election day conversation on twitter. you can find us at @tamron hall or at @newsnation. we'll have more on "news nation" live from the beautiful democracy plaza. i like that picture. no, no, no, stop! humans -- one day, we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... stop, stop, stop! my car! not so much. but that's okay. you're covered with great ideas like optional bet
couric has been out a show tune, today she's done with the broadway cast of danny. it will talk with the cast members past and present. anncr: which do you believ what mitt romney's tv ads say about women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse r v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're goin g to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romney's ads say. we know what he'll do. president obama: i'm barackob. i approve this message. captioned by the national captioning institute taking on hurricane sandy. will push the goods and the country music to work tonight. brad paisley and carrie use tonight's telecast to help the red cross for storm victims. >> country fans are so amazing giving, to make sure can pitch in, to be important. >> among the performers are antebellum,, lady chesney, and a musical willie nelson and all board's. .- b
relationship with danny glover pulled it out of my drawers -- out of the drawer, desk drawer, and read it and danny was instrumental in saying, let's do this. let's just do this. but, again, it was me working with some african american actors and i actually had it vetted by august wilson, read it and checked it out for me and there's another fellow who wrote soldier's story, charles fuller, took a look at it for me. i wanted to make sure my bases were covered. but this new play, what i did was, i feel comfortable writing the characters, but you are never sure. one thing that happened was steven anthony jones helped me a great deal with the african american character. we took it to sundance and what happens when you go to sundance is you bring some actors and some are given to you. i hadn't worked with the actors who we teamed up with at sundance, both excellent actors but people we didn't know so we didn't have a working relationship. there were moments where we worked where i could tell that the fellow, in particular, wasn't happy with his character because i had him standing there wh
of seize years. some of -- seizures. some of these victims are like danny stanton. chicago's mike and mary stanton founded the danny foundation after their 4-year-old son, danny, died from a seizure while he was sleeping. it is dedicated to preventing deaths caused by seizures and raising epilepsy awareness among the public and medical community. that's no small task, but one brave 7-year-old is taking a courageous step to help raise awareness of epilepsy's dangers. nick kerley never met danny but nick's cousin suffers from seizures. i felt the need to do something bigger. an enthusiastic hockey player he combined his love for the sport and passion for charity to create 100 miles for danny. the 7-year-old athlete visited 20 different hockey rinks in chicago and skated five miles or 50 laps at each rink. his goal was been to raise money and awareness for epilepsy as well as the danny dibb foundation. i had the pleasure to skate with nick on two different occasions. not only is he a good skater but raising awareness for epilepsy is extraordinary. he has a power example for all of us, one tha
veteran, sergeant danny randall, and his companion dog, shiloh. after serving for nine years in the army, danny felt an emotional disconnect between military and civilian life. re-entering the civilian work force had been a difficult adjustment. danny suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder. making it difficult for him to remain calm in large crowds or tight spaces. he is not comfortable sitting with his back to a door or window and feels stressed when strangers enter his personal space. danny has found a way to help battle some of the aftereffects of war. danny's medicine is in the form of four legged pit bulldog that goes by the name of shiloh. shiloh helps danny to remain calm when going out in product, and creates a comfort level and socialization skills. shiloh and other pit bulls to more than facilitate the day to day lives of the recipients. they provide a sense independence and unconditional love. for the veterans caring for a companion animal can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment while lessening the feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. there are over 22
in the co-authors of that study, jennifer lawless and danny hayes. good morning. good to see both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> good morning. >> jennifer, tell me what you found. what was the big headline? >> the big headline is that we've known for a long time that when women run for office they fare as well as their male counterpart, both in terms of vote totals and fund-raising receipts. but there seems to be evidence the campaign trail they navigate is quite similar as well, both in terms of public opinion and media coverage. we uncover nod differences in how male and female candidates were treated. >> when you were looking at, this danny, what were you looking for? give us some examples of things you would have seen in the past that were missing this time around. >> well, traditionally, women tend to be portrayed in the media as empathetic or compassionate, possessing integrity, traits stereotypically associated with women in society generally. but they were less likely to be portrayed as strong releaders o competent like the male candidates. we essentially found that, for exa
at the damage to their three-generation home that they cannot now inhabit. >> danny, and he -- is safe, and that is all that manners. >> reporter: just south, in the devastated mantoloking, now the before and after pictures reveal just how strong sandy was, and there is a dam being built to keep the ocean water out of the bay >> it feels like it is not real. >> reporter: this man points out a familiar place along a littered landscape, of a changed coastline. in atlantic city today, all casinos re-opened. the crowds were small. monday morning meant back to business for much of the garden state, but not without delays. hundreds waited in lines for trains, buses, and the lines grew longer in the gas lines as the rationing went into effect. and more than 800,000 customers are without power, including hundreds of schools, later, the mayor promised a comeback. >> we'll rebuild it in a smart, sustainable way. >> reporter: in a conference, the governor spoke to the children of new jersey. >> keeping you safe, getting you back to school, making sure you feel like you're taken care of. >> report
in brooklyn, veteran danny smith walked to a gas line to wait for an hour for national guards man to give him 5 free gallons. without the gas for this tkpwepberateor you would be in trouble? >> i would not be able to charge a cell phone and that is a lifeline to the shurps companies and to the family who are trying to find out if you are okay. >> and no heat? >> no heat. >> reporter: in brooklyn's working class beach community all of the streets were flooded by the storm surge. two weeks later, nobody here has power. >> tough, scary. it is dark here at night with no lights. >> 1700 of the 2400 homes were damaged or destroyed and residents complain they have been forgotten in the city's recovery. smith showed us the neighborhood. >> he got wiped out. she got wiped out. they got wiped out. >> reporter: his cousin's house is wet and cold. >> the bathroom used to be over here. >> reporter: and insurance inspectors have yet to survey the damage of floodwater in the basement. >> reporter: in this close knit multigenerational community many families lost many things but smith salvaged something
playing "danny boy" ]
and oscar lab tory and sean smith and adriane simy and carl with the local carpenters 22, danny campbell with the sheet metal workers and the operating engineers -- who am i missing? ramone hernandez right behind me. i should have looked back. [applause] and additionally mike mc kenny with electricians and tim paulson with the labor council and mike casey president in the back of the room over there. this is a project of the kind that makes building trades workers salivate. it is a startingly beautiful design from what we have seen so far. i am going to embarrass myself and speak in norwegian and it's the kind of project where we can look forward to bringing our skills to work on a project that will fully demand those skills, so that is quite apart from the hours it will bring to us, it quite a part from the food we will put on the table and the house payments and so on. that's one of the reasons this project really excites us and it's a dramatic project. however, we are happy to try to minimize the drama of actually building the project and this is what this particular agreement d a
rainfall. we are getting pretty moderate rainfall around around -- around vacaville. danny e says it is coming down in vallejo. the east bay has finally started to get into the area. ful cay calf street and ceaser chavez and third street down the east bay and oakland adeline street, seventh street, it has been raining steadily. and we are not done with the rain yet. when you will be able to put the umbrellas away and what your thanksgiving day forecast is like. make sure you have the umbrellas first thing in the morning. >> the rain is caution all kinds of problems. alan wang is live in greenbrae where the rain has been steady all night. >> this is the redwood mobile home park. it is below sea level so they are watching the rain as it rises carefully out here. highway 101 is elevated, but it still tends to take on a lot of runoff, and that is to he caused a 5-car wreck around 8 oocht 30 tonight. 8:30 tonight. it happened mere the richmond bridge off-ramp. the chp says two cars hydroplaned causing another three cars to slam on their brakes and spinout all over the highway. there we
the pick and roll. the jumper's good. lakers have the lead. late fourth quarter, danny green, offer the screen. and buries the three-pointer. 83-84 spurs. final possession for the lakers. i think they wanted to get it to kobe. but gasol, stuck in the corner. three-pointer, huh-uh. urs improve to 7-1. the lakers 3-5. >>> unbeaten knicks visiting the magic. new york has won four-straight. first quarter, ronnie brewer, chucks it ahead to carmelo anthony. he had 25 points on 50% shooting from the field. knicks out of the break. raymond felton to tyson chandler. huh-uh. knicks would battle back. later, j.r. smith, lobbing it to chandler. this time, good. knicks up one. fourth quarter, knicks on a 7-0 run. jason kidd for three. and a runner, j.r. smith with a fadeaway jumper. he had 21 points. knicks win 99-89. third team in nba history to start 5-0, with all five wins being by at least ten points. >>> that's your? er "sportscenter" update. i'm hakem dermish. >>> coming up, "the pulse," and the ohio woman who will be out with her idiot sign again today. >>> and the election may be fading
to come to terms on a deal could & be the result of public pressure.dr. danny hayee / 3 george washington university: " certainny does mean that they have to worry about -3 rrnning afoul of public opinioo at their peril,,having just suffered a loss..." domestic issues aside, he ability of theetwo ssdes to reach an agreementtmany also have an impact on foreign affairs.damon wilson / exxeutive vice pressdent of the atlantic council:" inabillty to strike an agreementtthat's serious, that's long termm that - restores confidence in the - fiscal sstuation of the unnted statts in the markets globallyy i think it aatually weakens his hand on every pforeign pooicy issue..." (anchorrtag) the 3 new ecretary ffstate nd treasury secretary. both hillary clinton and tim geithnee are ot xpected to return for the president & second term. in new york, ainsley earhardt fox news. 3 in light of colorado legalizing marijuaaa ...tte goverror warned supporters to not ""breaa out thh cheetos or law is still illegal under
of the whale shark, trying to get its attention. and then danny swims in with some kind of device to start cutting the rope off. look at that whale shark just sitting there patiently like thanks, man, this is exactly what i need. >> it's almost like he knows they're trying to help. >> when the rope comes off, look at the whale's skin. >> oh! >> man, that looks like it's been there for a long time. >> they say it's a mystery how that rope got on that whale shark, but in the end they were able to help it out and it just swam off. after it was all done, jeta, the wife of the go pro cameraman, decided it was time for a fist bump because it was a successful mission. >>> get ready to start the ultimate athlete machine. >> and the machine goes on and on and on, all triggering different red bull athletes. >> this is a giant life-size mousetrap. >> see what it all leads up to. >>> and tisha unlaurarmed is bao talk about something very personal. >> you have to admit you're curious about it, right? especially you. why do you want to know? >> find out what the viral video star is revealing this time [
a soldier, danny banks, surprising his daughter, danielle. >> i love you baby girl. >> love you, too. >> she leftnb her lunch on the table, nothing mattered but daddy. >> and camp lejeune, the father who came home to his son, michael who had cerebral palsy and saw his son walk for the very first time.c then, of course, people are playing halftime game at an easá carolina university football game. >> a very special treat for you as well. from afghanistan. >> i'm thankful for these videos because it showcases the love. we have that in common. what about you? >> i like a little artsy startcy. a little more artsy than startcy. it's vincent van gogh's starry night. he put that painting in a touchscreen. you could actually manipulate the painting and repaint it. then, when you stopped manipulating it, it would move itself back to theñr original form. it was beautiful. another one i thought was really creative was the yao ming painting with the basketball. who does that? you needfá a real talent to pul that off. and love is aftermatrt. you can manifest your love with someone else on a painting t
and danny others to assist you that when you are in solitary was it too much information to process? >> lori could tell me things and i would receive pictures and letters and i would get reports but it is different when you don't see it firsthand. it is only a letter. you think it is great but at the same time you try to keep yourself together for one more day. you are so busy trying to survive it seems a million miles away. >> you had us. and you thought people are getting this. >> that was gradual. every now and then a newspaper article that was not complete the 100% against you. and was imprisoned today's and people said they did not believe i was guilty. as the years progress it was like a tidal wave but it was a slow trickle in the beginning but it can't be alive feeling that we were completely forsaken by the entire world. >> host: working with the innocence project, to talk about a task i don't mean to pick a more stark example the and to take on all of these cases to get the evidence together. is damien case the worst? >> me personally because i know damien and i visited him in priso
think one person was person was danny.....ddnny wass ruuhed to university of center......he eeded more than 10 unitss f blood......three monnhss's blood drive is a wwy for danny....his family....and thess students to move that as a community if we stay and that even posstiie things place even where such tragic event happened...... 3 hurricane sandd ffrced the canccllation of mooe ttan 375 blood drives..... orranizers of today's event say.........they will plan another blood drive next ppring..... city... p have... reppaced a broken pipe... that ent water... running thru.../ downtoon streets.. this week.//. large pipe... ruptured ...just as ...monday morning commuters... were... ggtting... to work...///. it... &p caused... heavy flooddng... on... east maaison street... near... guilford locatedd.. and... removed the old pipe../.a... new... 30-inch main... has bben installed.../ and... but aasection of madison street remains closed. the... ravens with the steelers... this - weekend.... the team spent time saluting , - veterans from another kind of w. war.
," bringing art to urban youth. why brothers russell and danny simmons are so passionate about the case. they will be here with us next. [ gordon ] for some this line is a convenience. how you doing today? i'm good thanks. how are you? i'm good. [ gordon ] but for others, it's all they can afford. every day nearly nine million older americans don't have enough to eat. anything else? no, not today. join me, aarp, and aarp foundation in the drive to end hunger by visiting aids is not going to take my baby. ♪ aids will not take our future. ♪ our weapons are testing... education, care and support. ♪ and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ >>> it is the hottest, hippest art show in the country. means i'm not inviting. and 20 artists will compete in miami for a chance to show their art in new york. it's all part of a larger organization bringing art to urban youth, run by -- >> the man we're about to introduce you to, who co-founded this foundation back in '95 with a bunch of his brothers. rush philanthropic arts foundation funded by art a
and had to throw good food out. this morning we'll ask danny meyer what's being done to bring >>> superstorm sandy forced thousands of new york city restaurants to shut their doors. sales fell up to 50% last week. >> danny meyer is here. he runs 16 restaurants in the new york area. >> how does it affect the restaurant business? >> it was pretty devastating. i have to say for a good week or so probably half of new york's restaurants couldn't open at all. what that means is an notorious amount of staff members who rely day-to-day on their income had to stay at home and/or fight like crazy to get to work. >> what was the difference in those that stayed open and those that didn't stay open. was it simply power? >> power. the answer is power, power, power, 100% of the time. >> how did you adjust? >> well what we did in our case is that those restaurants that could get open immediately did everything yeoman like that they could. we were able to open eight places mostly shake shacks, also the modern. almost immediately the next day. and we shifted. we took staff members who couldn't
the damage to their three-generation home that is now ininhabitable. >> this is danny. he's ten. he's safe. that's all that matters. >> just south in a devastated mantoloking, before and after pictures reveal how powerful sandy was. where the iconic bridge once stood, a dam built to keep ocean water out of the bay. >> it seems like it's not real. >> no, it's not. >> a familiar place is pointed out along a littered landscape of a changed coastline. in atlantic city, all casinos reopened. though crowds were small. monday morning meant back to business for much of the garden state. but not without delays. hundreds waited in lines for trains and buses and the lines grew at gas stations across the state even as a gas rationing rule went into effect. more than 800,000 customers are still without power, including hundreds of schools. back in sea bright, mayor long promises a comeback. >> we rebuild it in a smart sustainable way for the future. >> governor christie spoke to the children of new jersey. >> keeping you safe, getting you back to school, making sure you feel like you're taken care of.
were decided yesterday including montana's senate race where jon tester held off danny raider. hidity heitkamp won by fewer than 3,000 votes, but she's been declared the winner. elizabeth warren's victory in massachusetts helped democrats increase their majority in the senate. it was also a big election for women in general. tuesday saw the election of five new female senators bringing the total in that body to 20. that is a record. >>> for the first time, the state of new hampshire has an all female delegation including the governor, congress and both senators. new peaks of campaign spending. in iowa, the cost per electoral vote $12.3 million. in virginia almost $12 million and nearly $11 million was spent 18 times over in the fight for ohio. >>> on wednesday mitt romney supporters were vocal about the final outcome including top surrogate governor chris christie of new jersey. >> i'm extraordinarily disappointed. i put a lot of time and effort into the mitt romney campaign from last october going to new hampshire to endorse him through to my last trip for him the friday before the s
i'm back in vietnam. >> but 14 miles away in brooklyn vietnam veteran danny smith walked to a gas line to wait for an hour for national guardsman to give him five free gallons. >> without the gas for this generator, you would be in trouble. >> i wouldn't be able to charge a cell phone. and the cell phone is your life line to the insurance companies and to other families who are trying to find out are you okay. >> and a cold night you wouldn't have heat. >> no heat. >> reporter: in brooklyn's working class gerrittsen beach community all the streets were flooded by sandy's storm surge. almost two weeks later no one here has power. >> tough? >> very tough, it is scary it is dark here at night with no lights. >> reporter: 1700 of the 2400 homes were damaged or destroyed. and residents complained they have been forgotten in the city's recovery. smith showed us the neighborhood. >> he got wiped out. she got wiped out. they got wiped out. >> reporter: his cousin's house is wet and cold. >> bathroom used to be over here. >> reporter: insurance inspectors is have yet to survey the damage c
away in brooklyn vietnam veteran danny smith walked to a gas line to wait for an hour for national guardsmen to give him five free gallons. >> without this gas you would be in trouble? >> i couldn't charge my cell phone. it's your lifeline. >> you wouldn't have heat? >> no heat. >> reporter: in brooklyn's working class community the streets were flooded by sandy's storm surge. two weeks later no one here has power. >> tough. very tough. scary. it is dark here at night with no lights. >> reporter: 1700 of the 2400 homes were damaged or destroyed and residents complain they have been forgotten in the city's recovery. smith showed us the neighborhood. >> we got wiped out. she got wiped out. they got wiped out. >> reporter: his cousins house is wet and cold. insurance inspectors have yet to survey the damage. in this close knit multigenerational neighborhood many families lost everything, ruined heirlooms. but smith salvaged something special. letters he wrote to his mother from vietnam. >> 1966. can't put a price tag on that. >> reporter: this is what many houses in here look inside.
the big shot 1234* danny green with the go ahead 3? 9 seconds left and they inbound to gasol and try to hit kobe. he does president pass so he has to settle for a deep 3 and no good. the spurs win it 84-82. will he gets a chance to rebuild the cal program the way he resurrected it? he will find out on sunday. the bears finish a dismal season at oregon state. he will sit down with sandy barber to talk about the future and whether there is one for him. it will come at a price. it is 6.9 million. the boosters have to foot the bill if they want a new coach. >> we really have to put on a microscope, how can i be better as a head coach 1234* what can i do to help our staff and our players? the first place i will look is for input on the staff for those type of things. >> abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. and she says she wants to meet sunday because she wants to set a direction as quickly as possible. >> like to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. >> that's a lot to come up [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gathe
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